Phoenix Wedding Photography

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Hi, I’m JD, a wedding photographer who after 15 years and 600+ weddings in the Northeast, decided it was time for a change. Starting in 2024 I will be based in Phoenix and will be available to photograph weddings and elopements all over Arizona, the Southwest, and lower half of the Sierra Nevadas.

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Phoenix Wedding Photography

There are so many options when it comes to your wedding photography. So how do you choose? Typically this is where I’m supposed to write a small book on why you should choose me. But if you’re truly asking me, then it’s simple. Make sure the photographer vibes with you, you vibe with their photos, and it works for your budget.

Step one, see if you vibe with my photos and work. You can see some full weddings over on my east coast website, Salt & Sonder Studio, as I’m still wrapping up my last season of spring and summer weddings there. More photos coming to this site once I’m photographing full time in Phoenix starting in the fall of 2024.

If you get some good feels from the photos, then reach out and let’s chat. No better way to see if you vibe with me.

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Phoenix Wedding Photography of a same sex wedding by Sonderland.

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Phoenix Wedding Photography by JD Land of a bride crowd surfing and partying it up at her reception

Why are we heading west?

Arizona, here we come!

I was lucky enough to live in every region of the country between my time in the navy and during a brief few years working a 9-5. The west coast has just always felt like home to me.
Fast forward to 2024. After my wife and I lost our puppy we decided that life is too short and there is no better time then now. So we got married, sold our home, and decided it was time for a change! In preparation, we spent the winter of 2023/2024 out west in our RV and after our last east coast weddings in November of 2024 we are packing up and heading to Phoenix permanently.

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